Did you know that a new website goes live every second?

So if that is the case then how can your website stand out above the rest?

Simple. By providing valuable content that your current clients and future customers care about. When you achieve this goal your blog posts will be loved both by your Customers & Google.


Because at the end of the day, they both have the same desire: To read useful, relevant, content.

Below are my 5 Steps for creating a blog post that does just that.

Step 1: Transparency

Right off the bat, you need to justify to your reader why they should take even 5 minutes out of their busy day to read your blog post.

Clearly state right from the beginning, including in your title, what they can expect to learn from the blog post so they can quickly make an informed decision if the post is for them.

Step 2: State the Problem

In general, we seek information when we have an issue or challenge and the most satisfying Google Search experience is to learn we are not alone and we are understood.

So ask yourself: What are some of the common issues your customers face?

You can even check-in with your customer service team and ask them what questions they are answering the most.

Ensure you use the words they would use to describe their challenges in your post as this will increase your likely-hood of a Google Search match.

Because, after all, we typically search in terms of the issue, not the solution.

Step 3: Demonstrate You Understand

When you write your post it is important to ensure that you demonstrate you understand their current struggles and desired outcome.

Why? Well, by describing both how your customer currently feels and how they want to feel in their own words they feel both heard and validated.

Only once they feel heard and understood are they willing to listen to you for your the solution.

Step 4: Share Your Wisdom

Only now that they feel you understand them are they ready to take your advice.

Try to limit your suggestions to 3-5 point maximum and use images or videos where appropriate.

Also, the use of section headings, colored or bold text, and lists can help to separate unique ideas and keep information easy to read and absorb.

Step 5: Offer Additional Support

This is a call-to-action opportunity. If they are still listening and reading, you’ve obviously communicated something important that they are resonating with. This is where you give your audience the opportunity to engage with you.

Whether you link to another blog post on your site that gives supporting information or share a free offer that is in a similar vein. You can find some of our most recent posts here.

Remember, never waste the opportunity to continue the connection with your reader.

Till next time,

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