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Increasing your reach online can be difficult. A new website goes live every second and you can bet that the competitors in your industry are working hard to gain a bigger piece of the customer base.

How can your website stand out above the rest?

Provide value to your current clients and future customers by creating valuable and creative content. In the Blogging Made Easy ebook, I detail the 5 steps to writing a blog post that engages your audience.

In Step 1, I explained that you need to put your website out there to attract new readers. Make a promise on the quality of your posts and be consistent in scheduling. 

In Steps 2 and 3, I reminded you that the body of your blog post should be clear and creative. Point out the problems in your industry and bust common myths.

Today, I am explaining Steps 4 and 5 to help you position your website as the go-to resource on your industry.

Step 4 Share Key Points

Step 4 is really getting to the heart of the post. It’s getting to what you promised to deliver to your readers.

  • What are the points that you are going to share with them?
  • What value are you going to provide in exchange for the five minutes or ten minutes it takes them to read your blog post?
  • Your focus should be providing solutions to the problems and myths you identified in Steps 2 and 3.
  • You are going to bring new ideas to your audience and share good and actionable information.

Remember you are presenting a solution to the challenge your customer is facing. This section should have at least three points. It’s really great if you can organize the information through bullets or sections. Headings and colored or bold text helps separate ideas and keep the information easy to read and absorb.

After you’ve gotten to the heart of your blog post, you aren’t done! Don’t forget Step 5.

Step 5 Provide Next Steps

Step 5 is where we give our reader their next steps. This is a call-to-action opportunity. If they are still listening and reading, we have obviously communicated something important. This is where you give your audience the opportunity to engage with you. Whether you link to another blog post on your site that gives supporting information or share a free offer that is in a similar vein

Invite them to connect with you by sharing the content they find valuable. When you have an audience in front of you, never pass up the opportunity to show them the next steps. This is your chance to create an informed customer who is ready to buy your product. They are smarter for having read your blog post and understand the value you can provide.

Remember to never waste the opportunity to share the next step with your readers. They may not take the next step immediately but if you neglect to share what the next step is, your risk losing the attention of your reader. Never leave your audience hanging. Let them know when to expect new content from you.

I (we) know, lessons learned. - Jocelyn & Team Mozak


To recap, writing a blog post is as simple as following these 5 steps.

  1. Promise
  2. Problem
  3. Myth Busting
  4. Key Points
  5. Next Steps

Join us on our journey as we continue to improve our blog; our customers still love us and Google still loves us, too.