WordPress Sites Are Helping Non-Profits Change the World

I am excited to be presenting Helping Non-Profits Change the World with WordPress at WordCamp Seattle. Last year I had the pleasure to present at WordCamp Portland and met so many wonderful people. As a website developer, I get so excited when WordPress enthusiasts come together. If you are in Seattle on October 29th and 30th, I hope to see you at the event. WordCamp is a volunteer-organized event, focused on WordPress and reflects the local WordPress community it represents. You can purchase tickets here.

I hold tremendous respect for those that make the time to do the things that change the world.

Non-profits hold a really special place in my heart. We are all so busy and have so much that fill our days and pull at our time; I hold tremendous respect for those that make the time to do the things that change the world. I give back in my own small way as a WordPress developer when I create compelling websites that help share the message that a non-profit uses to change the world. It’s no secret that I think WordPress is a wonderful solution for web design for non-profits. 

WordPress is amazing for keeping overhead low.

Beyond the usual needs of a business website, non-profits have the added challenge of keeping overhead low because part of their measure of success is the amount of money they are able to use to directly impact their cause. WordPress is amazing for keeping overhead low because the infrastructure is free and there are many plug-ins and themes non-profit organizations can use as starting points for their website. You’re not buying a piece of software that is device-specific; you can access your site from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection.

WordPress is easy to use and bridges the gap between operating systems.

Most non-profits are heavily supported by a group of volunteers. When you have one person on a Mac and another on a Windows laptop, it can be hard to find a platform that supports both users. WordPress bridges the gap between operating systems because it operates solely on the web. Administrators can add specific users and unique permissions based on the need of the non-profit and the skills of the volunteer.

WordPress is flexible and can grow with a non-profit organization. Whether your non-profit is helping improve literacy rates in the community or teaching girls how to code, WordPress can house your website.  A good web developer knows the best tools for the job and can accomplish great things quickly and within a set budget. Mozak Design has worked with 20+ non-profit organizations in the Pacfic Northwest. To see our previous work and learn how to start working with us, visit our Non-Profit Portfolio.

If you are in the Seattle area October 29-30, 2016, I would love to see you at WordCamp Seattle. Comment on our blog or any of our social media channels and let us know if you plan to attend.

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