Why Choose WordPress for Your Website?

WordPress is a platform that is free for individual or business use to create a website or blog. The software required to install wordpress is found at the download page of WordPress,org. Users can install themes to the software to enhance the visual appeal for of a blog or to integrate with an existing site. However, an individual or business will require a web hosting option.

The software for WordPress was developed on an open source platform. This means that the technology is easier for programmers to develop to their specific needs. Software programmers can easily develop themes and plugins that are then offered to users to add to their WordPress installation for free. When a user wants to install a plugin or theme they are not required to learn a programming language.

Individuals that use WordPress can create a simple blog or maintain the content of a website. A standard installation is used to create a personal or company blog. However, the software installed for WordPress should be seen as a platform or a one-stop solution for creating a full website. This prevents the needs to use multiple software programs to maintain a website. A blog can be added as a component of a website and not as the main focus.

SEO optimization is built into the functionality of WordPress. This means that as you create a website it can be easily optimized for search engine results. To do this you need to use keyword friendly names of websites that you create with the software. Users are also able to easily update their site without having to edit the HTML of any web pages. WordPress can be installed and set up on your website within a span of five minutes.

WordPress uses extensions that are called plugins to add functionality to your installation. Plugins used with WordPress are created by a community of developers. You can use a plugin to create a backup of a website or to create a contact form. Users can add plugins to increase the loading speed of web pages in various web browsers. The addition of plugins can be used to add new features to your site or blog without needing to hire a programmer. Search the plugin directory at www.WordPress.org to find many types of plugins that you can use.

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