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Working with Jocelyn was a great experience: She dove into the mechanics of making each site work properly. She created efficiency and continuity – simple changes that make it easy for me to work behind the scenes on all the sites. She updated databases, installed new software and made sure my existing data was safely archived. Jocelyn even worked directly with my website host to address their database problems – an effort completely above and beyond anything I ever expected!

What I love about Jocelyn is her approach to client service: If I’m not asking for updates or tweaks, or lessons in how to use new tools like AWeber, she is pinging me about changes I can make to ensure my users get the most out of my websites.

Susan Rich

| Rich Writing

Jocelyn is wonderful to work with. She has the technical skills and passion. She is incredibly good at understanding and brining life to the vision that I had for my website. She understood my mission and tuned-in to my needs.

“I highly recommend Jocelyn to anybody and everybody. She is superb in what she does.”

Jocelyn is very approachable and also a very good teacher. She put together several tutorials over the last serval months for me to use, which has been an invaluable resource.

I was overwhelmed by the thought of writing and keeping a blog on my website, but Jocelyn put those worries to rest. She supplied me with the information and tools that I needed so I can make more confident decisions and create a more interactive website for my visitors.

Gayathri Ramprasad

| ASHA International

Jocelyn is a consummate professional. She is wonderful to work with: she does what she says she is going to do; she works hard to anticipate what we need; she takes care of problems quickly and cheerfully when they arise; and she makes it all seem easy when we know it isn’t. She is a delightful, smart, witty and pleasant person to work with and she knows her stuff.

We have a website that works, that does what we need and that is up all the time. We also have a website that is growing with us as we grow.

We could not run our business without the website that Jocelyn has built for us.

Give Jocelyn a chance to work with you and you will not be disappointed. We worked with a number of web designers before we found Mozak Design. There are a lot of web designers out there. But Jocelyn stands head and shoulders above most of them for her professionalism, her competence, and her knowledge of web design. She is simply terrific.

John & Karen Rathje

Managing Directors, | Portland Shakespeare Project

“Thank you Jocelyn & team for getting this handled with a minimum of fuss.”

Suzanne Tipton Offner

| Behind the Guru

“Working with Jocelyn is like having an in-house web developer on our team.”

Mary Ann Naylor

| Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc.

“Jocelyn immediately jumped on it and learned all about it in order to give me her professional opinion about whether it was the right thing for me.”

Elie Cole

| Nourishing Medicine

“Jocelyn made the whole experience as stress free as possible. She brought great ideas and was able to get me up to speed far quicker than I anticipated.”

Barbara Saunders


“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with her and look forward to working with her on a continuing basis.”

Barbara Blackstone

| Blackstone Associates

“Jocelyn is not just a great web designer but her specialty is in offering a complete integration and making sure your website gets seen once it’s built.”

Kaya Singer

| Awakening Business Solutions

“I can’t say enough positive things about both my experiences working with the team, as well as the outcome.”

Lea McLeod, M.A.

“Jocelyn was very easy to work with and had good ideas for the new site.”

Tom Sass

| GTT Group

“Jocelyn demystified the process for me. She’s not only adept at the technical stuff, she’s also skilled at helping you figure how to have your web site reflect who you are.”

Robin Elizabeth Pope

| Robin E. Pope, Attorney At Law

“My new site feels very different now that everything matches the rest of my site, I guess matching is good sometimes!”

Maila Davenport

| Maila Davenport

“Jocelyn’s services have been second to none and I thank my lucky stars to have found her. To say I was happy with her work would be a considerable understatement.”

Jack Venturi

| Best Health Quotes

“Thanks so much – I love that you’re so easy to work with and responsive.”

Janice Miller

| BlissFul Pets

“Because they did their background research so carefully, the emerging design really honored our historic identity, while moving our website technology forward.”

Lisa Irving

| Study Oregon Consortium

“I really appreciated the time and effort Jocelyn put into helping me understand my website optimization and have referred back to her personalized instructional videos on multiple occasions to make make minor changes and updates myself.”

Dr. Shani Fox, ND

| Dr. Shani Fox

“She was able to extrapolate what I wanted, even when I was vague and it was difficult to articulate.”

Shelby Rice

| Shelby Rice Style

“A high level of responsiveness is one of the top musts when I’m working with someone and Jocelyn had it.”

Aziz Gazipura

| Dr. Aziz Gazipura

“To me, the website coaching she did was as important, if not more important than the actual website work she did.”

Jackie Hooper

| Jackie Hooper, Writer, Life Coach & Speaker

“She always seemed to be one step ahead of us for what we wanted or needed for our business website.”

Matt Purves

| Direct Repair Labs, Beaverton Oregon

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