Connecting with Your Customer

What will you say to them?

It is critical that you speak to your client on the homepage.

It is not time to speak about how wonderful your business is. Instead, identify what brought them to your WordPress website and how you will offer solutions.


How will you connect with your prospective client?

The best method involves offering a complimentary service that the client views as valuable.

Options include:

  • free phone consultations
  • providing an article or monthly newsletter full of tips in exchange for the customer leaving an e-mail address

These provide your client with a service in exchange for providing you with a method for future follow up.

Even if the client is not ready to purchase from you at that moment you have a method for future connections.


How will you build credibility with them?

Once you engage your clients on the homepage, they will want to navigate deeper into your WordPress website.

This is where you continue to grow credibility by showing all your business has to offer. You can include information on services, products, and links to related resources.

WordPress blogs & articles are a great method for providing quality information to your clients.

Coupons, hours of operation and physical location serve clients planning to visit your physical store.

All of these pieces are resources to your customers; resources that they will appreciate; resources that will take your business to the next level.

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