5 Easy Ways to Use Video Marketing on Your Website

Lights…camera…action! Ready or not, video is taking over the Internet. Even though video is all over the web, video is actually a business’ best kept secret because so few actually utilize it. So brush your hair, smile at the camera, and create those videos!

Facebook’s Instant Articles: What WordPress Users Need to Know

With Instant Articles, Facebook is offering publishers a 70 percent cut of ad revenue…

Rebecca Skeele Displays the Soul of Her Business on New Website by Mozak Design

Rebecca Skeele had a website for over ten years, but her previous site no longer aligned with her transformation as a business woman.

“It didn’t reflect where I had grown into. I had evolved myself—what I was doing and what I was offering—and it didn’t match.” Even more, Rebecca felt the design was outdated, clunky, difficult to maneuver, and had coding that was continuously breaking. None of these characteristics represented Rebecca or her business well; she knew it was time to for a change.

Rebecca Skeele

As a spiritual teacher and Heaven-on-Earth mentor, Rebecca works with people who want to live their life from a deeper, sacred compass. Especially when it comes to their business life, Rebecca works with individuals who want to bring forward sacred callings and serve the greater good. Having a website that supports her message is vital: “It needs to not only reflect the aesthetics I feel are important but also the values, qualities, and essence of what I do. Since I work in the spiritual realm, it needs to have certain aspects that hold that.”

The Head or the Heart: Which Should You Follow?

It’s obvious that the battle between following your head and following your heart is a universal one. Whether it's a decision with your business or in your personal life, it is never easy to figure out which voice to listen to. After all, how many movie lines or song lyrics do you hear with that phrase? There’s even a band called The Head and the Heart! It is a constant struggle.

Why, then, is it so difficult to choose which one to follow?

I know that in my life, I was taught to only listen to my head. I grew up with the idea that being responsible and correct meant going to the right school, having the right job, and earning the right amount of money (AKA a lot of it). So, I went to prestigious schools and got a highly-respected job as an engineer, and reached the level of success that I was told to define my life by. However, after having my children, my heart began thumping louder and I couldn’t ignore it.

heart vs head dilemma

I soon began feeling that I wanted to focus on being a good mom. I realized I wasn’t happy being an engineer. Feeling my emotions and reflecting on what makes me joyful weren’t two activities I participated in very often. It’s scary to let yourself feel and maybe even trust what you are experiencing. But as I sat in the mother phase of my life, I noticed—and could not ignore—what my heart was telling me. Regardless of how much money I made, I needed to be happy.


Book Review: The Pumpkin Plan by Mike Michalowicz

The Pumpkin PlanI’ve never put much thought into pumpkin farming. Who has, really? The only time a pumpkin crosses my mind is during Halloween or as I’m eating a pumpkin scone from Starbucks. However, after reading The Pumpkin Plan: A Simple Strategy to Grow a Remarkable Business in Any Field, I started seeing pumpkins in a whole new way.

The book is about author Mike Michalowicz’s unexpected discovery of the tactics behind successful pumpkin farming and how easily the method can be applied to entrepreneurs and their businesses. An entrepreneur himself, Mike was feeling burnt out and the return on his efforts to build his business wasn’t satisfying. Then, his local paper ran an October-inspired article about a pumpkin farmer who grew a prize-winning pumpkin, further describing the farmer's passion and dedication to growing the biggest, greatest pumpkins around.

Like a lightbulb, Mike read the farmer’s process and instantly realized how he could apply this to business. His book breaks down the steps and similarities between pumpkin farming and entrepreneurship:


WISE UP! Join Me for the “Wiser and Wilder Fire Circles” with Kaya Singer

Wiser and WilderYou remember my amazingly wise friend and business coach, Kaya Singer, right? Well, she has been up to some pretty incredible things that I wanted to share with you today on the blog. I have the privilege of being part of a couple of them and cannot wait to share what wisdom we hope to give you and your business!

Kaya knows how hard it is for women in business to perform at their highest capacity, free of self-doubt and insecurities. As a woman in business myself, I know first-hand how challenging it can be to carve your own path, believe in my deepest wisdom and use it to follow my passion and find success. But guess what? I’ve learned how to do it, and I believe you can, too.



World Cancer Day 2016: My Breast Cancer Story

World Cancer day

I celebrated my son’s seventh birthday quietly knowing that I most likely had breast cancer.

Two days prior, I randomly felt my chest and noticed a lump, the size of a golf ball. There was no such lump at my annual exam the previous year, but admittedly, I never did routine self-exams to notice it in the meantime. My husband and I knew this was concerning but tried to remain calm through the night. The next morning, I called my doctor—again, trying to remain calm—under the false assumption that he’d pat me on the head and tell me it was nothing important. Unfortunately, it was all too important.

Link Roundup: The Best Websites for Daily Motivation

Even with the excitement of the start to a New Year, this season can often be a gloomy one. Especially for Portlanders, it can take Motivationevery ounce of strength to get out of bed and head to work when it’s dark and rainy each morning, for months on end. In this week’s blog post, I offer you a special link roundup, providing some of the best websites you can visit each day to discover motivation that might have gotten lost in the midst ofyour day to day. My hope is that you remember to live well, rediscover your “why”, and approach your work with meaningful purpose. There’s a very important reason that YOU get out of bed each day. Remember what it is and share it with the world!

E-Commerce on WordPress: What You Need to Know

Entrepreneurs, small businesses, and even big companies are utilizing the ability to grow their revenue by selling creative additions to their business product line—think e-books, webinars, courses, and other e-learning methods. How might customers buy those types of products without having a brick and mortar?

e-commerce WordPress

You guessed it: an online store. By providing your online customers with clear, simple access to filling up their shopping cart with your knowledge-filled goodies, they will buy and hopefully buy some more. This kind of passive income is growing in popularity and now is the time to learn how to incorporate an e-commerce model into your business plan.

Whether you sell traditional products or aim to create products like I mentioned above, WordPress has your back with a wide variety of plug-ins that allow you to create an online store. As Design Wall reminds us, “There is no single best WordPress e-commerce plugin. Every store will have different needs and every store manager will have a preferred way of working.” With that in mind, let’s get our feet wet by looking at a few of the most popular options. 

6 Ways to Boost Employee Recognition Through Your Website

If you read my post on Thanksgiving, you’ll remember that I experienced growth this year that made me realize that without my team, I am nothing.

Employee of the MonthHopefully you feel just as strongly about your own team with your business.

The people that support our company—those that help with administrative tasks, share their technical knowledge, and contribute big picture thinking—significantly impact the success of the company. With that in mind, in addition to thinking about how your company runs, you need to spend time thinking about those that run it. Even more, you need to find a way to appreciate those employees on a regular basis. Your website is a robust tool you have that can easily praise and highlight the great people who help your company function at its highest capacity. Here are six ways to boost employee recognition through your website:


The #1 Secret to Website Success that Most Businesses Don’t Do

These are client stories. Sometimes called case studies, customer stories or success stories, this marketing tool allows a business to tell others each and every strength they have, without having to say a word. As Casey Hibbard, success story guru, explains, “We trust what others say much more than what a business itself says.” 

Writing your website copy that speaks directly to the customer is vital to a successful website, but in reality, it can only go so far. To hear a business owner talking about how amazing they are and what needs they fill for others isn’t nearly as powerful as hearing stories from the clients themselves. That’s why sites like Yelp, UrbanSpoon, and Rotten Tomatoes are so helpful in their respective industries: real people, who are real customers, share their feedback about why you should or shouldn’t choose that place of business.

Now, businesses aren’t jumping at the chance to post negative reviews about their business on their own website. After all, being in charge of your site gives you the control to feature the best aspects of your company. With that said, businesses completely underutilize their clients and fail to take the time to talk to them about their experience and share those stories with potential customers.

3 Tools to Finding The Perfect Keywords for SEO

Let’s take a look at how you can leverage a few free tools to find the perfect keywords for SEO for your site or blog post. It all happens in three easy steps, with three free tools.