gain time through effective website design

Gain an Extra 40 Hours a Week Through Effective Website Redesign

What could your office do with an extra 40 admin hours each week? When Mozak Design redesigned the website for Rotarian Action Group For Peace (RAGFP), their staff gained 40 extra hours a week. For any business, time is valuable; for a non-profit organization, time is priceless. Streamlining your website design and creating a system…

8 Plugins Every Writer Needs for WordPress

Is your first book coming out soon? Get your author website ready for your adoring public before you announce the release date. Whether you plan to sell your self-published ebook through your site or want a fabulous landing page for your traditionally published novel, WordPress is the best platform. There are hundreds of plugins out there…
5 reasons wordpress is great for authors

5 Reasons Your Author Site Should Be on WordPress

Your website is the first impression you will make on a prospective reader. They read a review of your book and want to learn more about you as the author. Present your best self and share your unique perspective with new and existing readers on your own domain. WordPress is the best choice for web…
declare your freedom from bad hosting

Declare Your Freedom from Bad Hosting

Happy Independence Day to my US readers. July 4th has amazing emotional and historic significance for the United States independence from Britain. Declare your independence from a bad host when you switch to SiteGround. Finding a great host is nearly impossible and I did a lot of research before accepting SiteGround as my go-to. I…

Why I Love Facebook Live (and why you should, too!)

For those of you who know me, either personally or professionally, you’ll know that I am a talker. Ask me questions and I’ll keep chattering away. However, I hate writing. It’s much easier and enjoyable for me to send a video or audio file to a client than to write a lengthy email of my…

Design a Homepage that Converts Visitors to Customers

One of the biggest mistakes I see businesses make with their website is their homepage. [fbvideo link=”” width=”500″ height=”400″ onlyvideo=”1″] So often, business homepages are all about the business: who the founder is, their history, and how great they are. It reminds me of dating before marriage—how many times have you gone on dates where…

5 Ways to Get the Website Your Service-Based Business Needs

What does your business offer that sets it apart from competitors in your industry? Don't let future customers leave your site without finding out. Read 5 Ways to Get the Website Your Business Needs for more tips about what to include in your website.

7 Tips for Choosing Your Website Domain Name

How do you choose the perfect domain for your business? From .org to .net questions, to length and hyphens, we've got all the answers.

Newsletter Nurture: The Right Way to Run A Newsletter Campaign

Before I get into explaining the right way to run a newsletter campaign, let me tell you a story about a very wrong way to do it. A client was telling me how he stumbled upon a list of 8,000 emails in his industry and decided to come up with an email nurture sequence to send out to those names. He did this through his personal hosting email. He sent them out in groups of 500 to the 8,000 names he randomly discovered.

No! No! No!


Let’s dissect his two main problems. First, these names did not authorize him to send them emails, they didn’t want to necessarily hear from him, and it is therefore unethical to email them without permission. They will most likely report you as spam. Second, never send newsletter emails from your personal account; again, you will be seen as a big, ugly, spammer.

In the case of my client, the hosting company had to defend itself and its server so it basically locked down his email address and completely killed it. It also made him scared of doing newsletters in the future because he wasn’t entirely sure what went wrong. What did go wrong? Important rules were broken. However, if you follow the rules to do a nurture sequence correctly, you will reap the benefits.

How do you do a nurture sequence correctly?

The Only Website Host You Should Be Using

Guess what?! I FINALLY found a web host I like!

Teach Your Kids to Code: Book Review & Reflection

I love to code. Yes, I was the girl who begged for math homework, wired the speakers, and installed all the cable splitters in the house, so it may not be a huge surprise that I love it. But my passion for coding runs deep. To me, it is an art. It is magical what coding can bring to life; ideas you never thought possible. Being able to design websites for a living is a dream come true, helping my clients bring their own ideas and endeavors to life.

With that said, it hasn’t been the easiest road, particularly as a woman in the field. I’ve had to carve my way out of limiting beliefs and false assumptions about what I am capable of. Unfortunately, until more women enter this field and kick butt like the rest of us, it’ll take some extra effort to prove our worth. That’s why I am so eager to share this forthcoming book with you: So, You Want to Be a Coder? The Ultimate Guide to a Career in Programming, Video Game Creation, Robotics, and More! by Jane (J.M.) Bedell. Coming out on May 3rd, the book is filled with information, advice, tips, and resources so that kids, teens, and even adults can feel encouraged to pursue a career in coding.

So You Want to Be A Coder?

The book begins by identifying what a career in coding looks like and provides a quiz about whether or not coding is right for you. I love what Bedell highlights as the important qualities coders must have: courage, creativity, logic, passion, and patience. She delves into the myriad of ways you can learn to code, from college majors and degrees to internships to clubs and camps, and lists the various types of coders: video game, animation, website, robots, cybersecurity, and more. Bedell also gets into the technical terms of the types of computer languages—thankfully, for beginners, there is a glossary at the end of the book to help you. Featuring many interviews from those in the field (particularly women, which is awesome!), she discusses skills and day-in-the-life descriptions with NASA software engineers, robot coders, and lead web developers around the world.

Is Your Website Ready to Launch? How to Know For Sure

For my clients, or anyone else reading who are wondering if the current site they are working on is nearing the finish line, here are some questions to ask yourself as you reflect on when, or if, to launch.