Clone yourself through Automation

Gain freedom and time by Cloning yourself through Automation

Raw footage from my talk this last weekend at WordCamp Seattle.

WordPress 5.0 has Arrived. Shouldn’t I press update?

To put this in perspective, WordPress V4 came out 2 years ago.

V5 is no small update!

Why your customers want you to raise your prices!

Your customers want you to raise your prices! Say what?!?

GDPR Compliance … 4 Simple Steps to Prepare

Water-Cooler Conversations? Here are 4 simple steps you can take to get your WordPress website moving towards GDPR compliance? PS: Please share this out … all business owners need to know about this! I’m sure by now you have all see the emails chattering about * GDPR * compliance and if you are like me,…
The Power of the Jocelyn Mozak Feminine without Being Pink

The Power of the Feminine without Being Pink

There are so many options for what to do to make sure your WordPress website reflects your true passion and purpose. For the women out there changing the world, I want to remind you of a few ways to showcase your feminine power on your website without defaulting to pink fonts and flowery graphics. You…
Jocelyn Mozak Show Up Before You’re Ready

Show Up Before You’re Ready With Your WordPress Site

Showing up is what counts, in life, in business, and on your WordPress site! I ran a half-marathon recently after taking a break from running. It was nice to get back out there but I hadn’t done all the training or preparations I usually do before a race. I struggled to decide whether I should…
Jocelyn Mozak WordPress Authentic Messaging & Authentic Branding

Authentic Messaging & Authentic Branding

If your site looks like every other site in your industry, your business is forgettable. There are 543 new WordPress sites launched every day and it’s important that your website captures your essence, your spirit, and your vision. In order to stand out among the billion other sites you need more than a functional website…

10 Reasons This Web Developer is Thankful for WordPress

It’s no secret I have been Team WordPress going on a decade. The tasks a good web developer can accomplish with WordPress are amazing. From editing a landing page to managing a membership site, WordPress covers all the items on a website owner’s wish list. There’s a lot to be thankful for online and offline. I…
WordPress Business Growth

Behind the Scenes of a Profitable WordPress Agency

I am excited to present Behind the Scenes of a Profitable WordPress Agency this Saturday at WordCamp Portland.   WordCamp holds a very dear place in my heart and I have been an active presenter and attendee of both Portland and Seattle WordCamp events for years. If you haven’t been, you should definitely go! WordCamp events are…

4 Questions Every Website Owner Should Answer Before Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool to use to find out if your website is meeting the needs of your potential customers. You can find out search terms they used to find your site, as well as which links are most popular. Using all of the features of Google Analytics can be overwhelming because there…

Scheduling Time for Fun: Jocelyn Adds Speaker to Mozak Design

As a business owner, you are pulled in a lot of different directions. Staff members and vendors need your attention and your family would like to see your face at dinner a little more often. How do you decide who gets the biggest piece of your time? There are two default ways to decide who gets…