What if you just asked?

Why try and guess what your ideal client is thinking when you can ask them.

HTTPS and Your Wellness Website

Learn what it is and how to set it up correctly for your Wellness Center & Healer's Website.

Are you over thinking your WordPress blog posts?

Do you take simple idea of creating a blog post and/or newsletter from an email and turned it into a major production? It's time to fix that!

Streamline your WordPress Development with WP Engine

A 3 Step guide to utilizing WP Engine to streamline your WordPress Website project development.

Is your WordPress Contact Form Working?

So often we set things up on our website and then forget about them. But here is the thing.
Technology changes. Software breaks

Creating a Lasting Impression with your Website

That moment when a prospect comes to your website says, “Oh my god, you get me.”

16 Blog Topics for Your Business

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WordPress Updates? How not to Break Your Website

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Complimentary WordPress Website Review

Each month I offer 4 businesses the opportunity for a Complimentary Website Review. where I provide feedback & ideas on small changes they can make to their website that can yield big results.