Is your WordPress Contact Form Working?

If you have to think about how long it's been since your last email from your WordPress Contact Form. You've got a problem!

Creating a Lasting Impression with your Website


That moment when a prospect comes to your website says, “Oh my god, you get me.”
business blog ideas

16 Blog Topics for Your Business

I'm never at a loss for words, that is until I need to put pen to paper and write a new post. What's a business owner to do?
WordPress Blog

Why Every Business Needs a WordPress Blog

Learn why exactly does a business blog deliver such amazing results!

Heal Customer Pain Points with Your Website

Your goal should be to figure out ways your company can be the go-to answer for your customers’ problems.

WordPress 5.0 has Arrived. Shouldn’t I press update?

To put this in perspective, WordPress V4 came out 2 years ago.

V5 is no small update!

5 Tips to Creating a Blog Post both your Customers and Google will Love

Make sure that your blog posts stand out from the rest. Customers love when you share information that adds value. Google will love you too!

WordPress Updates? How not to Break Your Website

I'm just updating a plugin or editing my sidebar.

What could go wrong?

Nothing, until the day that little update brings everything down.

Complimentary WordPress Website Review

Sometimes all it takes is a fresh pair of eyes.

Each month I offer 10 people the opportunity where I {lovingly} provide feedback & ideas on small changes they can make to their website that can yield big results.