Twitter can be a great research tool. You can use the search at to find the latest tweets on any topic you wish.

This can be a great way to keep track of new things happening on any topic.

You can use these for…

  • Topics you blog about
  • Products you own
  • Your own name and business name
  • Anything else you may need or want to track including your competition

Lets say I wanted to know what is said about my business.

I could go to Twitter Search and type in Mozak Design. Then I could click on “Feed for this Query”, grab the url, and add it to my preferred feed reader. Each search you preform generates a feed that you can add to your favorite feed reader and automatically see all the new things happening on Twitter for that topic.

I recommend at the minimum that you follow your name and your business’ name.

Yes if someone replies using @mozakdesign it will show on my Twitter time line but if someone just uses the name Mozak Design in a tweet it won’t show up unless I am following them. It is always nice to know when someone is saying something good and even more important to know if it is bad.

Let us know what  other online research techniques you’ve found useful. 

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