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Don’t Get Hacked: 5 Steps to a More Secure Site

3d small people - take a keyThere are 5 easy steps you can take to create a more robust security system to protect one of your most valuable business tools: your website.

Everyone has heard horror stores of getting their website hacked into and the owner loosing the majority of the information that they put months worth of work into creating. Time and money lost in a matter of minutes!

Worse yet, all of your blog posts could be wiped out, your client’s confidential information could be jeopardized, and the hack could change and edit your website’s content creating detrimental, if not irreversible damage to your company’s image.

The majority of successful hack jobs are not completed by an individual, per say, but by an automated computer system.  It takes seconds for a computer hack to access your website.

Maximizing your WordPress Blog’s Marketing

imageIs your WordPress blog integrated with your website?

By this I mean, is the blog built into the website so it feels like any other page is the site. If it is not, you are missing a valuable opportunity to maximize your blog’s impact on your business.

To understand why, let’s look at how traffic flows to your site. Typically, web traffic that goes to your homepage reflects someone who either 1) Knows of your business by name or 2) Is looking for a specific product or service

NEVER have the WP username “admin”

When you install a WordPress blog, the blogging software creates an user called admin that, not too surprisingly, has all of your administrator privileges built into it. But, unfortunately, it’s also a major security hole. Everyone—especially hackers—knows that the...