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Is your website making the sale? Learn the truth with Google Analytics

Google Analytics can help your business by reporting HOW people are finding your website and WHAT they are doing while on your site.

Today we’ll go into detail on how to determine WHAT visitors are doing on your site.

Once your visitor clicks through to your site you want them to take an action and it up to your website to have clear calls to action.

Being able to track where and what your visitor does on your site gives you valuable information on which areas are working and not working on your site.

You will be able to more of what is working and fix what is not. But you can only do this once you have the information. Without it, you are just guessing.

Jackie’s story in her own words

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon Jackie Hooper is a public speaker, author and creator of www.wouldhavesaid.com, a place where she posts letters written from anyone to anyone and portray a variety of emotions. She released a collection of those letters in book-form...