Scheduling Time for Fun: Jocelyn Adds Speaker to Mozak Design

As a business owner, you are pulled in a lot of different directions. Staff members and vendors need your attention and your family would like to see your face at dinner a little more often. How do you decide who gets the biggest piece of your time? There are two default ways to decide who gets the largest chunk of your time; you react to the group that is calling the loudest and deflect the ones who will forgive you the quickest, or you choose the group with the most time-sensitive requests.

When your passions intersect, it is easier to match the time-sensitive requests with the most pressing obligations. In my business, I hold time for the tasks that are important to me. I set aside time for my family, to exercise, to grow my business and to nurture my business. Somewhere in the 24 hours of my day, I also sneak in a little fun. In the coming year, I will be holding more time to present at speaking events. I like sharing my WordPress experience and the life choices that have brought me to where I am today. Hosting a workshop for a small group or presenting a lecture at a conference allows me to use my time to reach more people at once. I still have my client work and Mozak Design is definitely available to take on new projects.

When I speak about WordPress, I get to share my experience and passion with my audience. I get to see if I can make their lives, or at least their websites, better. In an age when everyone and their Mom are using websites as a platform to share their interests, I like to be a part of putting quality content and websites out into the world. My presentations use real-life examples and are tailored for each audience and it’s fun for me to present them:

Change the World through WordPress

In this presentation, I explain why WordPress is the perfect solution for non-profits, and shares stories about three non-profits I had the pleasure of working with to help transform the way their organizations function. In particular, I discuss how my team helped improve their online fundraising experience and increased membership and community engagement through WordPress features and WordPress Plugins. If more organizations are able to learn and understand how to harness the offerings of WordPress, there is no limit to what they can do.

Women in Leadership, Use Your Website to Showcase Your Ideas

When more women present their ideas with authority, they find greater success in achieving their goals. I explain the essential pages of a personal website and outline the different options available for showing off the best examples of work. Attendees will learn how WordPress templates and plugins can be customized for individual passions and interests. From digital portfolios to blogging as a thought-leader, participants will learn to share their ideas while identifying themselves as a leader. 

Use Your Core Competency to Improve Your Website

Maintaining a website requires a diverse skillset to keep a it functional and engaging. Perfect for a team building workshop, I help group members understand how their individual contributions positively impact the business environment. Drawing on my decade of experience as a WordPress website developer, I encourage audience members to do more of what they excel at and enjoy. Employees who focus on their core competencies are more productive in the office. Encourage everyone on your team to bring their best.

Where do your passions intersect? Tell us in the comments.

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