Show Up Before You’re Ready With Your WordPress Site

Showing up is what counts, in life, in business, and on your WordPress site!

I ran a half-marathon recently after taking a break from running. It was nice to get back out there but I hadn’t done all the training or preparations I usually do before a race. I struggled to decide whether I should wait until I was ready before running again. Here’s the thing, if I waited until I am 100% ready, I would not leave my house.

I went to that race knowing that I wouldn’t PR and it actually relieved some of the pressure I put on myself. I had a great run (and walk) and finished feeling great knowing that by showing up I completed the task. Showing up for the race before I was ready put me in a better position for future races because I did better than expected and have renewed energy to keep training.

Jocelyn Mozak Show Up Before You’re Ready

What are you waiting for?

You know when it’s time to redesign your WordPress site. It’s easy to pinpoint when it’s something like a product launch or a big anniversary or milestone in your business. It is harder to make the jump if you are waiting to get everything perfectly in place before you begin.

Start working on your website before all the graphics are in place and before your next milestone. You want to have something to show where you are now and it is always easier to edit something that you created than to start from scratch waiting for perfection to magically appear.

A few ways you can show up before you reach perfection are below:

  • Meet new people.
    Make a point to attend events where you aren’t the brightest and the best in the room. Stretch and challenge yourself to meet people outside of your industry without the sole intention to drive business. You may be pleasantly surprised at the wealth of knowledge and kindness in your community.
  • Create content from your daily life.
    You don’t need a press release and a professional photographer to show a normal workday in your business. Give potential customers an idea of what it’s like to work with you. Polished content and video shot by a professional videographer team are both wonderful things that you can grow into. Start where you are to get something out there and let people get to know you.
  • Post a pre-sale.
    Do you have a product or service you’ve been waiting to offer to your customers? Now is the time to put up a sales page taking orders. It will be a great way to gauge interest and maybe the boost you need to spur you into action.

Are you ready?

What’s holding you back from greatness in your life? If it’s a website, I would love to help you realize your vision. Contact me for a 15-minute discovery call so I can learn a bit more about your business and you can ask me any questions you might have.

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