How did Mozak Design help RAGFP?

“They saved us 40 hours per week in admin hours,” Erin revealed.

As the Executive Director of the Rotarian Action Group for Peace (RAGFP), Erin Thomas needed more than just an attractive WordPress website; she needed to equip her team with the knowledge to use it. As a non-profit organization serving community service volunteers in the realm of peace and conflict resolution, they interviewed numerous website designers but ultimately chose Mozak Design because of their ability to create an effective website while teaching them how to manage it. “They offered us a partnership,” Erin recalled. “It’s really different than most.

Unlike other companies who just wanted to fix it for us, Mozak wanted to empower us to make good decisions for our website.”

Client: Rotarian Action Group for Peace


  • Responsive WordPress Build
  • Membership Setup & Support
  • Ongoing Maintenance & Support

Though RAGFP already had a WordPress website, their organization had outgrown the current design.

The flow and feel of the site began to feel overcrowded and they needed help presenting themselves in a more professional manner. When Mozak Design got involved, Erin learned about upgrades she didn’t realize they could make. Jocelyn introduced RAGFP to specific WordPress plug-ins that changed the way their website functioned and significantly impacted the way their membership organization worked. If a piece of data is entered, it is now represented on their payment, membership, and mapping system, all at once.

As Erin explained, “The technology now all runs automatically, together, and they all update each other so we don’t have to do it manually.”

How did this help RAGFP? “It saved us 40 hours per week in admin hours,” Erin revealed.

Beyond the improvements to the architecture of the website, Mozak Design provided education and support. From phone conversations to screen sharing to side-by-side training, Mozak Design walked Erin and her team through understanding the tasks that they could handle internally. “Everyone we worked with was so accessible and responsive,” Erin said, “and they used really clear language.

With all of our questions—from interns to the Executive Director, [Mozak Design] never made us feel like they were inept. They said, ‘That’s a great question. Let’s help you figure that out.’”


Since RAGFP relies heavily on ever-changing volunteers, interns, and board members for office support, they needed to ensure that anyone who joined forces with the organization could quickly learn how to use the website without excessive training. Due to the simple nature of a WordPress website, now anyone can interface with the back end of their site and “we don’t need to pay for a full-time web person.”

With a fully functioning website and a team who understands how to use it, what is next for RAGFP? “By spending less money on the administrative management of the website,” Erin described, “it now gives us a budget to work through the laundry list of what we want to do next with Mozak Design, a budget we wouldn’t necessarily have had before.”

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