Give yourself a break!

As a graphic design company or branding agency, your time and energy is best spent caring for your clients and focusing on where you excel: branding & design. The last thing you should (or probably want to be doing) is coding the WordPress website yourself or managing a remote team of developers that seem to only speak geek.

We speak Geek so you don’t have to.

Instead, partner with Mozak Design. We have over 9 years of experience creating custom WordPress websites. Our team can translate your idea into a fully functioning site.  At Mozak Design, we are ready to jump in and make you look good in front of your client.

We make PSD to WordPress easy.

We partner with graphic design and branding agencies to create easy and affordable custom coded websites on the WordPress platform. We offer solid development of your gorgeous designs by taking over all of the hard stuff. Even better, as a WordPress agency ourselves, we bring our SEO & years of client experience to the table.

Let us take over all the hard techy stuff.

Our web developers are amazing people and very skilled at what they do. Jocelyn, the owner of Mozak Design, heads each project and translates between the graphic designer’s vision and the coders needs to ensure your vision for your client’s new website is realized.  She is the perfect bridge between the vision and execution.

Our dependable team has been working together for years. We know our strengths and can deliver amazing results for an incredible value. Since part of the team is based offshore and the projects are run from Portland, Oregon, we are able to keep costs low and still provide the good communication and US-based timelines that you want and need.

How does this work? Easy…

We look forward to helping you look good in front of your clients.

With Mozak Design, you get much more than just basic coding — you get a fully functional WordPress site uploaded to your client’s hosting. Little touches like making sure that the client has a child theme named after their business with an image of their business creates a polished final product.

Your brand always be front-of-mind for your clients because we use your company’s branding in the theme and dashboard. Finally, we clean up the WordPress dashboard, so only pertinent information is available thereby minimizing tech overwhelm the first time your client logs into their site. 

Ready for seamless PSD to WordPress experience?

We will make sure that everything from the header to the footer works exactly as you want.  Each project gets an individual approach and a transparent, fair price. 

Just tell us what you need done. We’ll take care of the rest.

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    “Jocelyn and her team at Mozak Design always seemed to be one step ahead of us for what we wanted or needed for our business website.”

    Matt Purves | Direct Repair Labs

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