Why It Pays for Non-Profits to Spend Money on Website Design

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Non-profit organizations face a challenging balance of operating like a business while providing the most benefit to their cause. Each financial decision has to fulfill the business side and further the longevity of the chosen cause. Great website design can satisfy both needs, bringing attention to the cause and attracting larger donors to keep the non-profit organization running. Mozak Design is proud to work with many Oregon-based non-profits and we want to share the benefits of hiring a professional website developer who will customize a website to meet your non-profit’s specific needs and goals. 

Whether your non-profit’s focus is on eradicating homelessness, improving literacy rates or championing animal rights, your website is the first impression your non-profit makes on the community. A good website design does more than provide detailed information and a clear call-to-action; it can be the first step toward providing help to those who need it. For Study Oregon, their goal to update their website in order to attract more students and professors to Oregon was met with a sleeker interface and site-specific plugins designed to exceed their expectations. A flash player was replaced with a customized search engine to allow prospective students to narrow their results. The new search feature created more confidence in site visitors and prompted visitors to stay on the site longer.

When using a new design, it can be tempting to sit back and let the web developer do their thing. That is certainly one option, but it’s not the only one. Your web developer can add value by training the office on how to use the WordPress platform and plugins chosen for your team. Spending money on a good web design can save you money by making it quicker for volunteers and staff to change webpage information and add blog posts. Did you see our post about how Mozak Design’s new wesbite design for the RAGFP saved them 40 hours each week on administrative tasks?

Easily updating and changing pages and online content aren’t the only concerns for a non-profit website. Many non-profits accept donations and schedule fundraisers through their websites. For Bruce Kerr, Board President of Down Syndrome Network Oregon (DSNO), Mozak Design was instrumental in making their workday simpler. Bruce writes, “Jocelyn helped us address all of the technical, behind-the-scenes issues, now allowing us to get accurate reporting and accounting, which are two things that can be infinitely problematic if it isn’t set up right.” It was important for the DSNO to be able to have an advanced website without hiring a full-time staff member assigned to keeping things running.

Many non-profit organizations face similar problems. They want to take advantage of the newest technology but don’t have the time or energy to keep up with the trends. A good web developer knows the best tools for the job and can accomplish great things quickly and within the budget. Mozak Design has worked with 20+ non-profit organizations in the Portland, Oregon, and the surrounding area. For more information about our previous work and how to start working with us, visit our Non-Profit Portfolio.

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