Newsletter or Blog? The important difference

newsletter-vs-blog2Many people ask me, “What’s better, a newsletter or blog? And what’s the difference?”. A newsletter and a blog have two completely different functions and serve your clients in different ways. 


Keeping a regular blog is important for several reasons and serves a different purpose than a newsletter. As search engines constantly search for new content, this is a great way to be seen and optimize your visibility on the web. Blogs should be written often, as often as three times per week if you have the time. When you’re writing keep in mind that your content should be written to the visitor who is in ‘search mode’. More than likely, a visitor will stumble upon your site while searching for something they need.

In this respect, remember that the visitor is seeking a solution, so when writing your blog be specific and offer clear and concise writing on:

    1. What their problem is 
    2. Your recommended solution 
    3. How they can find more information 
    4. How they can contact you

Just as you wouldn’t design your website to be read in ‘storybook format’, make sure your blog is scannable. Remember, visitors scan text, they don’t read. They are searching solely for the solution they’re looking for and will rarely take the time to read your whole blog, no matter how fabulous is it. 


Your newsletter should be a periodic email campaign that highlights items and stories within your website. For example, you could list snippets from a few of the blog posts that you put up the previous week with links to the full story on your blog. Remember, your newsletter should give your clients valuable information while guiding them to your website. When you’re writing, remember that your reader has signed up to receive information from you because what you have to offer is valuble to them. Your reader is requesting information from you. Make sure your newsletter has meaty content and include items that you wouldn’t be able to find on your blog. When it comes to frequency, newsletters should not be sent out more than once per week, and even that can be too often, so I would suggest bi-weekly newsletter campaigns. 


For both your blog and newsletter remember to include a photo or some sort of visual to catch the attention of your reader. 

What has been your success with blog writing vs newsletter writing? 

Ease of Use & Delivery

There are lots of great tools out there that will help you create and send email newsletters. At the same time there are also a number of helpful and easy to use WordPress plugins that will schedule and manage blog posts for your website. 


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