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Jocelyn Mozak

Website Agency Owner, WordPress Speaker & Business Coach

Jocelyn Mozak has over a decade of experience building, running and wrangling a WordPress Website Design Agency all while having two boys at home.

While her degrees in Electrical Engineer from Cornell & Stanford University certainly contribute to her outstanding skills as a website developer; it is her passion for what she does her clients fall in love with.

Jocelyn is a master at thinking outside the box and leads with her heart in all that she does.

“Jocelyn stands head and shoulders above the other web designers out there with her professionalism, competence, and knowledge of web design.

She took my vision and transform it into an amazing website that I couldn’t be happier with.  I recommend Jocelyn to everybody!”

- Gayathri Ramprasad

On a more personal note …

On June 23, 2011, I got the news no one wants to hear:

“You have cancer”

My world came to a crashing halt. How could this be happening?

I’m only 33!

Thankfully I am blessed with an amazing husband and mother who tag teamed and raised my children while I focused on getting well.

7 Years, Chemotherapy & a Double Mastectomy later I am proud to say that I am one of the lucky ones.

Today I am cancer free.

Debbi Cunnington

Debbi Cunnington

WordPress Designer & Artist

Hello there! I am a graphic designer with a passion for beautiful graphics.

I like understanding a client’s entire business – that way I can take what I know and turn it into the best possible website, marketing materials, logo or whatever we’re working on.

If I am not at my computer, I am with my kids or pursuing one of my hobbies: Horses, Photography and being a member of Intermountain Search Dogs, a canine Search & Rescue team in Washington.


Aaron C. Yeagle

WordPress & SEO Guru

Nothing brings me greater joy than helping someone bring their business to life with a fantastic website, great graphic design, and an exceptional user experience.

Having a client ask “Hey. Can we do [this]?” and being able to find a way to achieve what they want is an incredible feeling.

Aaron Yeagle
Phillis Benson

Phillis Benson

Project Manager, Marketing & Social Media Master

Clients get to use my knowledge and expertise in areas of web design, client care, and many online tools to help them generate growth in their business.

I love to travel, make new friends and spend time learning new things; like working in stained glass, quilting, and writing.

My children and family are my mainstay & my animal companion CATmanDo keeps me on my toes!

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