Move Beyond WordPress DIY

When you are starting out as a business owner, you wear a lot of hats and juggle a lot of balls. Heck, even years later when your business is established you can still get overwhelmed by the many and varied tasks awaiting your attention. The tricky part about a website is that it isn’t just one more thing on your plate, it’s at least 12!


A website isn’t just one more thing on your plate, it’s many! 

Your website is the front door, online catalog, and virtual calling card for your business. It can solve a lot of problems but it can also be the cause of a lot of stress. When things go well, it can be tempting to let things run on automatic while you work on growing your business. When things go badly, an image doesn’t load or a link breaks; before you know it, the thirty minutes you had scheduled to break for lunch turns into forty minutes of you Googling and shouting at your keyboard.

What could you do if you didn’t worry about your website?

If you didn’t have to spend the time or mental energy worrying when your website will break, you could focus those resources on following-up with clients and leads. You could do the work that will build your business and create new sales packages and products. If you aren’t constantly trying to fix the small things that go wrong on your website or scrambling to find a new theme when yours is no longer supported, you will have the time and energy to improve your business.

How easy is it to let go of DIY?

If you are like most of the population, you outsource a lot of tasks. You send your car to a mechanic for service, you see a doctor to treat a sprain or cold, and you rely on utility companies for electricity and internet service. In your business, you may rely on a CPA and a business coach to keep you on the right path. Hiring a web developer fills a specialized need.

For Mozak Design clients, when we create the perfect site for your business, we also handle the back-end things like security and updating plugins that keep your site running quickly and consistently. A good web developer will keep you in the loop. They will let you know what problems to anticipate in the future and help you avoid the biggest of these. You always retain control and ownership of your site. You’re still in charge of updating content and making sure that the information on your site is current. 

Are you ready to let go of trying to do it all yourself? Call us at 971.266.0714 or drop us a question on our contact page.

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