I Love my Website … Why Doesn’t Google?

If only Google could appreciate the graphic design of a website.

Alas, all it sees is the code behind the scenes and the content written on the page. Google could care less about a perfect image or words that are able to dance on the screen. Yet, with that said, us humans do care about a web site’s appearance. We like pictures and art.

So what is a business owner to do?
As with most things striking a balance is key. Too much text and your customers will leave; too little and Google will ignore you.

My advice:

Add a BLOG to your site
The addition of a BLOG allows you to share information with the public. Google loves this.  The more you say, the more of an encyclopedia you become. Share tips and tricks with you clients, or blog about upcoming local events. Share what matters to you. Visitors to your website will read what you share and connect with you. These are the relationships that allow businesses to flourish.

Partner with a Web Designer you TRUST
A quality Web Designer can strike the balance between art and technology. In fact the great ones are masters of both. They create graphically unique sites with cutting edge code behind the scenes.

Does your site strike that balance or is there a website that you’re in love with? Do share!

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