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How to Navigate the Solopreneur Website

As a solopreneur you wear a lot of hats; you are research and development, marketing, accounting, sales and administration all at one desk. With all of your responsibilities, your website is probably the last thing to get done. Your website should work as hard as you do.

Your website is more than a virtual business card. It can showcase your personal brand through clear branding, engaging content, and a user-friendly interface.

Shift your focus to a great website and the benefits will spill into other areas of your business.

Clear branding on your solopreneur site will reinforce your company’s marketing.  This includes the fonts you use on your site, the colors you use throughout, as well as the types of images featured on sales pages and blog posts. Whether you have 10 clients or 100, a familiar homepage will give them a place to come when they need your services. Clear branding also make it easier for current clients to send you referrals.

As a sole business owner, it can be challenging to balance working on the business and working in the business. Be your own best customer and show your portfolio in ways that engage your target market. For example, a graphic designer could show the mood board that inspired the logo in the recent rebrand of their business. A blog post detailing the behind-the-scenes process for themselves would show the level they would rise to for their clients. Engaging content will educate and inspire your readers to become better clients.

Back-end details on your business site are the pieces that will prove you take yourself and your business seriously. Your site should be easy to navigate, with clear calls to action on each page. The menu in the header should have the most important links on your site. The footer should include current copyright information, as well as Terms and Conditions for users of the site. Effective website design could help you gain back time in your business.

Need some inspiration for your solopreneur site? Check out our portfolio to see some examples.