Gain an Extra 40 Hours a Week Through Effective Website Redesign

What could your office do with an extra 40 admin hours each week? When Mozak Design redesigned the website for Rotarian Action Group For Peace (RAGFP), their staff gained 40 extra hours a week. For any business, time is valuable; for a non-profit organization, time is priceless. Streamlining your website design and creating a system that keep updates and changes to your website simple will free up time for your staff to focus on improving your business and products.

Effective website design can mean the difference between a responsive income-generating website and a dated website with broken links. Getting your whole team on board with a website redesign can be challenging. Change is scary and everyone likes the way things were way back when. Changing to an updated WordPress theme with appropriate plugins for your business can save your team time and money.

gain time through effective website design

Can’t imagine an extra 40 hours for your office? Here’s what it could look like in a week:

Monday +8 hours Spend the extra time gained on Monday by allowing your team to brainstorm some new products and services. It can be hard to focus on long-term plans when you are struggling to stay caught up on present work. The headspace provided by an extra 8 hours can be just the breathing room your team needs to spark its creativity.

Tuesday +8 hours Schedule one-on-ones with each member of your staff. Check-in with people who do not normally answer directly to you and find out what they are working on and what they need to succeed. Nurture the relationships in the office to create a better work environment and increase productivity.

Wednesday +8 hours Use the extra time to create content that your customers will love. Update your editorial calendar for blog posts, write a script for a How-To video, and research information to create an infographic to share on social media. Crafting quality content is always worth the time but it can be hard to schedule between all of the other business tasks at hand.

Thursday +8 hours Document your office processes. Is your manual a few years old? Add in what is working now and start researching ways to simplify the way your team works together. This is a good opportunity to check whether you are using all of the resources your office already pays for.

Friday +8 hours Let your team leave an hour early to recharge over the weekend. For an eight-member team, that’s the entire gain. If you have a smaller team, that can leave leftover hours. With your extra hours on Friday, plan and schedule the next week so you can start Monday ready to execute your great ideas.

What can your team create given an extra 40 hours? Tell us in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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