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Request a Complimentary Website Review

Are you frustrated by your website … the one you used to love?

2000px-Broken_heart.svg[1]What once worked doesn’t and now you don’t even know where to begin. Trust me, you are not alone. But help is here.

Each month I offer 10 people the opportunity for a free Website Review where I {lovingly} provide feedback & ideas on small changes they can make to their website that can yield big results.

I encourage & invite you to request one. But remember. There are only 10 spots each month so sign up now.

“OH MY GOD. your feedback was exactly what I needed to hear!!!! All of it was MEGA helpful and I felt empowered with knowledge and insight. You providing this consult is extremely generous and I felt like you really care.”   ~Sophia

“I really appreciated that you were honest about your reactions to stuff, and while you didn’t tell me necessarily what to write, you shared how to make it appealing to my audience.  At first I was a bit intimidated when I started the video - sometimes when you get free stuff like that it isn’t so personal and true! Definitely an amazing gift to have received.” ~ Starr

Update … there are only 10 6 slots left for this month! 

* As a part of this free assessment you are agreeing to the use of the site assessment in Mozak Design marketing material.

Each month I offer 10 Free Website Assessments where I review your site and share what it’s doing well (yes - even if you hate it you are doing some things right) and what you could adjust to make it better (you’d be surprised how it can be just a few little things).

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