I need to Blog … But what shall I write!

Many business owners resist starting a blog in the first place simply because the idea of coming up with things to say on a weekly (or more frequent) basis is daunting. But assuming your business is in a niche you love, you should never face a shortage of topics to write about.

Truth is, if you’re excited about a subject and open to comments and discussion, the choices for interesting posts are endless. Still, there will be instances when your writing well runs dry. That’s why I suggest you make a list of ideas so you’ll have prompts for a good start.

Here’s just a handful of places to find ideas:

On other blogs. Follow the leaders in your industry to find out what they’re talking about. You can provide your own personal perspective about the latest topics, or you might want to predict what will happen next. For example, if everyone’s talking about the challenges of outsourcing overseas, you could write about the legal considerations of outsourcing to freelancers abroad, or maybe about cheap places to outsource domestically.

On forums. Reading industry forums can provide you with a fly-on-the-wall view of what people are experiencing, wondering about, and doing in your industry. Even though you may not want to actively participate, you can eavesdrop on what people are saying and create a blog that answers questions or adds new insights.

In the news. Some of the best blog posts are those that describe how a current event impacts a particular niche. If it’s time for the Olympics, for example, and you have a photography blog, you could discuss the very best lenses and methods for capturing action shots. A marketing blog could cover the ways the International Olympic Committee is selling the Games, and a fashion blog could talk about how the Games affect fashion.

In the past. Recent or more distant history is an excellent place to find ideas. A recipe site could include descriptions of old-time cooking, or talk about how the average American meal regimen has changed over time, or provide recipes still in use today that haven’t changed in the past hundred years.

The overall idea with a blog is to use it as a lens for your niche. Your job is to check out the world as it relates to your market, letting people know what’s important, interesting, and noteworthy. As you scour newspapers, books, TV, and the Internet for related ideas, ask yourself, “How does this impact my market?”, and you’ll get a good idea of how to begin. And if you love what you do, the rest will come quite naturally.

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  1. Michael on August 11, 2012 at 1:30 am

    I listen to a ton of podcasts and find that a lot of inspiration for posts and things to write comes from them. The iTunes podcast section is great, and all of the podcasts (at least everyone that I subscribe to and have seen) are free.

    That plus past life experiences is where a lot of my inspiration comes from.

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