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I am a mother. I am a wife. I am an entrepreneur. I’m a homemaker.

I’ve got a lot of balls in the air and a few rolling around on the floor.

That big and bold introduction is how I introduce most of my videos on Facebook Live. It gives my usual viewers time to tune in and lets new people watching for the first time get to know me a little quicker.

Have you tried streaming your own live video? Once the territory of celebrities and pages with thousands of fans, Facebook has now opened it up to both business and personal pages.

Authentic video is the quickest way to build a relationship with your audience. I have been using Facebook Live for two months now and have seen positive results both in Facebook interactions and in my online business. This has resulted in more likes on my Facebook business page, as well as the start of a few new business relationships.

14721465_10157544317630532_3731084852053657262_n1The current trend when using Facebook Live is to share an informal video usually shot from your cellphone. I have created videos sitting in my car between errands and a few videos in my office sitting in my desk chair. You can also create videos from your computer using OBS Software, as explained in a recent post by Fleur Ottaway on Social Media Examiner. You could use your webcam and screencasts with OBS. As long as you are sharing something from the heart and true to the audience, the format becomes a secondary thought.

If you’re nervous about trying live video streaming, jump in and try it. Much like any Facebook post you create, you always have the option to delete your video after it goes live. You can undo sharing your post any further than the few people who saw it as you shot it. If things go well, or even well enough, leave it on your page. Your audience wants to know the real you and unedited video streaming can be a good way to connect.

Creating an introduction like the one I mentioned above can keep you from getting too nervous. It will give you a mental focus and give a taste of your brand to new viewers. Introductions have two purposes: for the live feed, they give your viewers time to get settled; for replays, it gives a known format and sense of familiarity to your audience. Your introduction should have some personality and be no longer than a few sentences. I identify myself both personally and professionally because I know my clients are interested in me as a whole person and I am interested in my community as a whole.

Remember that your first video or two may have a low number of viewers; this is a double-edged sword. You have the benefit of working out the kinks without the world watching but too few people watching can be discouraging. Build your viewers by planning a consistent time when your audience can log on to watch your live stream.

Ready to try? Watch my video below or on my Facebook page for 8 Tips to get the MOST out of Facebook Live.

Are you already on Facebook Live? Comment below and let us know when to tune in.

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