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Last week we talked about how to Tend Your Business Garden.

Today I want you to focus on specific tasks that can help you cultivate a thriving business:

  1. Focus on the areas you’ve avoided or ignored.
    Take a long look at each of the areas in your business. Which sections are getting the most of your time and energy? Which ones are draining resources? Focus on an area you’ve been avoiding. This could be as simple as updating your marketing or reviving a product or service you retired too soon.
  2. Shift your habits that are keeping you safe but small.
    Where can you take a calculated risk in your business? Could you take on a bigger client and outsource part of the project? Identify some new ways you could scale your business by making conscious decisions to change the way you do business.
  3. See a vision of your business being a lot stronger.
    Weeding the garden allows the intentional plants to grow faster and stronger. What could your business garden look like if the most care-for plants had room to grow? Your business doesn’t need to be a billion-dollar corporation to be successful. What is your version of success?
  4. Realize your true potential.
    You are amazing. Do you know all of the things you can create and accomplish when you are ready to accept your greatness? After you see a vision of your future business, realize that you can do the things necessary to get there. Maybe not all on your own, the most skilled gardener still relies on a shed full of tools.

You can cultivate a thriving business.

When you nurture the areas that you have been avoiding, your focus will pay off. Over time, you will see the time and resources you invest flourish. Remember to keep your mind open to new ways you can accomplish your goals. Sit with a trusted friend and explain your vision of what your future business will look like and how it will run. Realize that you can do more than you think you are capable of in any one moment. Stretch to reach beyond your first goal.

How is your business garden right now? What areas do you need to work on?

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