That moment where the person that comes to your site says: “Oh my god, you get me. You’re my person.”Click To Tweet

That’s what we want.

That is how they become our clients.

So how do we do that?

The 1st way to make that connection is through the copy on your website.

So when we say copy, we’re talking about the words we use, the language.

Now, I always like to say I don’t want your homepage to look like your about page.

As service providers, we get all in our own head.

We’re all excited about all these cool things we know how to do, and look at my degrees.

But imagine that you met somebody, and you’re all excited to get to know them, and they start talking about themselves more, and more, and more, and more.

This relationship’s not going anywhere, right? They’re asleep.

And likewise, with your website, it’s the same thing.

If they come to your site, and it’s all about you, they will probably think: Lovely, but can you solve my problem? I don’t care who are until I know you’re somebody who actually can help me.Click To Tweet

So when you’re working on, and you’re writing the words that you use on your site, what I want you to do instead of just talking about your solution, because they don’t care the how.

Your visitor wants to feel heard.

Do you hear where they are? Do you hear where they want to go? Then you can let them know you can take them there.

Think of a child's rainbow when there is a white fluffy cloud on either side and a rainbow connecting them together.

Use language like: "Are you experiencing __? Are you feeling ___? Are you suck over here yet you really want to be over there? Do you know that there’s there’s got to be away but can't figure it out on your own?

And that’s where you come in.

You’re the rainbow. You connect the two parts.

Once you’ve established “I get where you are, I get where you want to go.”

Then, and only then, you let them know that you actually are the one who get it, who understand them, who can take them there.

Another way to, as you’re thinking about your copy, and you’re writing your words, try to almost imagine that you’re speaking with the person.

Imagine a client intake call. What are you saying? 

You might be asking them: "What’s going on with you today? How are you feeling? How do you want to feel?  What goals are you trying to achieve? What would a successful outcome look like?”

Use the language they are using in your copy.

That’s how they will see themselves.

What you ultimately want is them to come to the site and see themselves and go, “Yeah! She gets me!”

The 2nd way is through the images you use on your website.

I want to see you on your website!

And, no, it doesn’t even need to be that perfect headshot. In fact, I’d rather it not be the perfect headshot.

I want a picture of you at the beach with your dog. I want a picture of you painting. I want a picture of you traveling.

I want to get to know you.

So on your home page, on your about page, on your contact page I want to see you.

And yes, they need to be professional, but to a point. Sometimes I almost feel like in this day and age too much polish almost is too much polish. There’s an authenticity, and realness of being not too perfect.

So embrace that, use that.

We hire people, people like us.

Also, we can all smell stock photos a mile away. If you travel, put pictures of places you’ve been. If you love modern art up, if you’re into birds, show me pictures of birds.

Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through.Click To Tweet

If you have an office space, take some easy pictures and add them to your contact page.

Pictures of the exterior of the building, of the waiting room, of the treatment room.

Imagine how scary it is for someone, their first acupuncture appointment?

They’re thinking about making an appointment but then there’s all this noise in their head says: I don’t know. I’ve been told this is a good idea. There are needles. It sounds scary.

Think about how much their stress level and the barrier to scheduling with you would be lowered if they were able to see photos of your office and feel comforted in knowing what to expect.

They might instead think: Okay, that building looks safe. Entry room looks alright. Treatment room, neat, there's a bed! I could take a nap. This doesn't look so scary. I think I'll call and schedule my first appointment.

What a beautiful gift you are giving your client even before they work with you.

The 3rd way to have your website leave that lasting first impression is through action.

Extend the olive branch to your prospect.

Again, imagine you’re out socially, and you’ve met someone, and you guys are having a great conversation, but if nobody asks the other person for their phone number, where’s the relationship going to go?'


So yes, I want you to have your phone number and have that contact page, but I want you to go one step further.

On the bottom of all of your pages I want you to have things like, “If this is feeling right, if this is landing, if this is the moment, if I’m the right person for you, I invite you, I encourage you, I extend the invitation to you to connect with me.”

Be the one who’s vulnerable.Click To Tweet

Be the one who extends the hand and says, “I want to work with you. I would be honored if you would take that step, if you would make the call. Let’s have a conversation, let’s explore.

This isn’t a pressure situation. I am here to serve. I would be honored, I invite, I encourage you to reach out. To set up that discovery call, to send me an email. And I’d today’s not the day for you to take action, if that’s just a little too much, well I have a list.

What you’re effectively saying is, “I have ways I can share information with you where we can start our relationship.”

Note, it doesn’t need to be all the way at “Let’s make an appointment.” It can simply be, “I have something I can offer you that I think you can benefit from.”

We are really all showing up in service, are we not?

Everything we share is because we are trying to help people, and sometimes we help them simply by sharing information, sometimes we help them in our office.

It doesn’t really matter, we’re all here to help the world.

So those are the three points I wanted to highlight for how you create that lasting first impression:

  • The words you use
  • The imagery you use
  • The opportunities for action you provide

There is one final connection I want to touch on today.

We tend to always think externally our website connects with those we serve, but there’s another person, a really important person your website has a relationship with.

That’s you.

How we connect with our website and the health of our relationship with our website is actually really key as to whether our website can show up and support us in business.

If you think of your website and your first thought is, “Ugh, I don’t want to talk about it.”

Or you go to a marketing event and someone asks, 'Can I have your business card? Can I have the address of your website?' And you’re like, 'I don’t know if I want to give it to you, because then you’re going to go to it, and then I’ll have to explain why really my business is so much more professional than that.'

Yeah, it’s funny and it’s not.

When we think our website and our first thought is: 'Oh my god, I just hate the thing. Can it just go away?'

I want to highlight two things.

First, website shame is real and it drags your business down.

If you've caught yourself saying or thinking:

  • I want to launch this program but I can’t because I need to make a sales page and it’s going to look awful
  • I can't market the event because then they’ll go to my site and my business will look so unprofessional

Second, sometimes you don't have to burn it all down

There are times to completely overhaul sites and get brand designs but we don't always need to.

But what I’ve learned is, especially if you’ve ever loved your website, you’ve most likely simply outgrown it.

You’ve pivoted, you’ve matured.

What you’ve done is you’ve left it behind.

Maybe all that needs to happen is, just like you, your website just needs to pivot a little bit.

Sometimes it’s the smallest of changes.

Just a slight adjustment, whether it’s fonts, to colors, or just a little pivot brings the website you used to love back in alignment.

Your relationship with your site is now healed.

Remember, it doesn’t need to be perfect. It needs to be aligned so you can once again go out into the world and shine, supported by a website you love.Click To Tweet