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Authentic Messaging & Authentic Branding

Jocelyn Mozak WordPress Authentic Messaging & Authentic Branding

If your site looks like every other site in your industry, your business is forgettable. There are 543 new WordPress sites launched every day and it’s important that your website captures your essence, your spirit, and your vision. In order to stand out among the billion other sites you need more than a functional website…

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8 Plugins Every Writer Needs for WordPress

Is your first book coming out soon? Get your author website ready for your adoring public before you announce the release date. Whether you plan to sell your self-published ebook through your site or want a fabulous landing page for your traditionally published novel, WordPress is the best platform. There are hundreds of plugins out there…

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Design a Homepage that Converts Visitors to Customers

One of the biggest mistakes I see businesses make with their website is their homepage. [fbvideo link=”” width=”500″ height=”400″ onlyvideo=”1″] So often, business homepages are all about the business: who the founder is, their history, and how great they are. It reminds me of dating before marriage—how many times have you gone on dates where…

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How to Make New Year’s Resolutions for Your Website

New Year New (updated) WordPress Site!

New Year's ResolutionsYou’re sitting around the fire with your family, bellies full of holiday treats, each person taking turns sharing a happy memory from the year. As the New Year approaches, it’s a popular pastime to reflect on the good moments of the year and think about the changes you’d like to make for the next. In fact, about 40% of Americans set New Year’s Resolutions. We place such a high value on positive changes in our lives, and as a website designer, I wonder: why not do the same for our business websites?

You may have started the year with a website that worked well for where you were at in your business. But as the year passed, changes happened—industry updates, different client base, a shifted focus—and you didn’t have time to reflect those changes on your website. Now is the time to audit your current site and see where you’d like it to go next. Here is a process to go through as you consider your New Year’s Resolutions to gain a fresh start with your website and get 2016 off to a successful start:


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10 Easy Ways to Build Your Email Subscriber List

As a WordPress web designer, I always talk to my clients about the importance of creating and Mailing Listmaintaining an email list for their businesses.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, an email list is the database you keep filled with the (hopefully) thousands of people who have subscribed to your business. In other words, individuals who are interested in learning more about your company and want to keep informed as to all of the happenings around it.

They can do so by signing up to be part of your list and receive those email updates every time you send out amazing, cannot-be-missed information.

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Ask Mozak: How do I Add a Portfolio to my WordPress website?

photo gallery portfolio

photo gallery portfolioQ: Hi, Jocelyn. I currently have a WordPress website that I love. The design and layout works for my business and I don’t want to change it. However, I’d like to showcase our work and have a portfolio section on my site. Is that possible? How do I do that?

A: Yes, it is possible! Why? Because WordPress is amazing. You can absolutely keep your existing WordPress website and add a portfolio feature. We’ll get to that in a moment.

But first…a portfolio? On my website?

A website portfolio gives your company the ability to feature exactly what you do on your website so people can see your work product and read a short description. Whether you’re in web design (like me!), construction, art, photography, fashion—the list goes on and on—it behooves you to have a section on your website dedicated to visually showcase your creations so that potential customers can get a better sense of what you make and how gorgeous it can look.

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How to Utilize Google Analytics on your WordPress Website

If you are actively engaged in maintaining a WordPress website for your business, you have probablyGoogle Analyticsheard about Google Analytics and have it installed on your WordPress website.

Right? Good. (If not, watch this video to learn how to install it on your site.)

Now that you have it on your site, you’re looking at it regularly…right?! Unfortunately, this is most likely not the case. Many WordPress users know they have Google Analytics on their site, but they are too consumed with their work or blogging or updating the copy on the page to review their analytics. The problem with this is that having strong copy or a successful blog is completely dependent on how people interact with it, which is information that is handed to you via Google Analytics! You are doing a disservice to all the work (and investment) you have put into your site if you do not spend time reviewing the data and seeing what is working and what should be changed. A couple of encouraging reminders:

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