Effective Website Design

Authentic Messaging & Authentic Branding

Jocelyn Mozak WordPress Authentic Messaging & Authentic Branding

If your site looks like every other site in your industry, your business is forgettable. There are 543 new WordPress sites launched every day and it’s important that your website captures your essence, your spirit, and your vision. In order to stand out among the billion other sites you need more than a functional website…

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How to Navigate the Solopreneur Website

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As a solopreneur you wear a lot of hats; you are research and development, marketing, accounting, sales and administration all at one desk. With all of your responsibilities, your website is probably the last thing to get done. Your website should work as hard as you do. Your website is more than a virtual business…

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Move Beyond WordPress DIY

When you are starting out as a business owner, you wear a lot of hats and juggle a lot of balls. Heck, even years later when your business is established you can still get overwhelmed by the many and varied tasks awaiting your attention. The tricky part about a website is that it isn’t just…

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What’s New in UX: UX Design Trends in 2017

Much of the consumer-product interaction today happens digitally. This means that, while you have a good online presence, you can’t overlook the importance of the experience your product provides to its users. As more and more customers become digital, there is a bigger demand on great UX design. We have seen innovative UX designs in…

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Why It Pays for Non-Profits to Spend Money on Website Design

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Non-profit organizations face a challenging balance of operating like a business while providing the most benefit to their cause. Each financial decision has to fulfill the business side and further the longevity of the chosen cause. Great website design can satisfy both needs, bringing attention to the cause and attracting larger donors to keep the…

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Before & After: Non-Profit Website

black and white to color man typing design nonprofit site

Non-profits hold special significance for Mozak Design. We honor the changes that non-profits make in the community and have been blessed to work with more than 20 non-profit organizations in the Pacific Northwest. A great website can provide the catalyst needed to get to the next level of connection and broaden the reach of the non-profit.…

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8 Plugins Every Writer Needs for WordPress

Is your first book coming out soon? Get your author website ready for your adoring public before you announce the release date. Whether you plan to sell your self-published ebook through your site or want a fabulous landing page for your traditionally published novel, WordPress is the best platform. There are hundreds of plugins out there…

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