Connecting with Your Customers

Are you over thinking your WordPress blog posts?

[et_pb_section bb_built=”1″][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_video _builder_version=”3.17.6″ src=”” /][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.18.7″] I’m not sure about you, but I avoid writing like nobody’s business. Yes … I do see the irony in the fact you are reading my writing right now lol. But that’s exactly why I’m sharing with you today! You see … I always desired to follow the…

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Connecting with Your Customer

What will you say to them? It is critical that you speak to your client on the homepage. It is not time to speak about how wonderful your business is. Instead, identify what brought them to your WordPress website and how you will offer solutions.   How will you connect with your prospective client? The…

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The Power of the Feminine without Being Pink

The Power of the Jocelyn Mozak Feminine without Being Pink

There are so many options for what to do to make sure your WordPress website reflects your true passion and purpose. For the women out there changing the world, I want to remind you of a few ways to showcase your feminine power on your website without defaulting to pink fonts and flowery graphics. You…

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Move Beyond WordPress DIY

When you are starting out as a business owner, you wear a lot of hats and juggle a lot of balls. Heck, even years later when your business is established you can still get overwhelmed by the many and varied tasks awaiting your attention. The tricky part about a website is that it isn’t just…

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Newsletter Nurture: The Right Way to Run A Newsletter Campaign

Before I get into explaining the right way to run a newsletter campaign, let me tell you a story about a very wrong way to do it. A client was telling me how he stumbled upon a list of 8,000 emails in his industry and decided to come up with an email nurture sequence to send out to those names. He did this through his personal hosting email. He sent them out in groups of 500 to the 8,000 names he randomly discovered.

No! No! No!


Let’s dissect his two main problems. First, these names did not authorize him to send them emails, they didn’t want to necessarily hear from him, and it is therefore unethical to email them without permission. They will most likely report you as spam. Second, never send newsletter emails from your personal account; again, you will be seen as a big, ugly, spammer.

In the case of my client, the hosting company had to defend itself and its server so it basically locked down his email address and completely killed it. It also made him scared of doing newsletters in the future because he wasn’t entirely sure what went wrong. What did go wrong? Important rules were broken. However, if you follow the rules to do a nurture sequence correctly, you will reap the benefits.

How do you do a nurture sequence correctly?

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