Behind the Scenes of a Profitable WordPress Agency

I am excited to present Behind the Scenes of a Profitable WordPress Agency this Saturday at WordCamp Portland.  

WordCamp holds a very dear place in my heart and I have been an active presenter and attendee of both Portland and Seattle WordCamp events for years. If you haven’t been, you should definitely go!

WordCamp events are locally organized and cover all aspects of WordPress. Now, even if you have known me 5 minutes, you know how much I adore WordPress.

The framework and infrastructure are just the foundation of a wonderful way to build websites. When you add in the supportive community and the amazing plugins available, choosing WordPress for your website platform is really a no-brainer.

I started my WordPress agency on autopilot and it has grown to a profitable business where I have a positive financial impact on my staff. My website clients get fabulous results and we get paid fair value for the skills and time we put into every project. There are several perks to an agency instead of a freelancer and below are a few of my favorites:

  • An agency is a company. I mean company in both definitions of the word. You are running a business with proven systems and processes and you also enjoy the camaraderie and company of a group of people working together toward a shared goal. As you scale the agency, you will gain more contacts and in an ideal scenario, more kindred spirits.
  • Everyone gets to do their best and favorite work. I like to hire people who are passionate about what they do. My favorite part about running an agency is being able to focus on tasks I love. I have a graphic designer who is great. I tell her what I need and she can go and do great work for the client. I can do graphic design but it is not my favorite or best work.
  • Be a part of something larger than yourself. As a freelancer, you are selling your time. Your time and yours alone. Your time is finite and your skills are finite and you will always be competing on opportunity costs. In an agency, you can support others and appreciate the support they bring you. Once all the kinks are worked out, you can even plan a vacation!

When choosing between a freelancer and an agency for a WordPress website, the agency will deliver better results because of the options available for who can do each step of the project. It is rare for a front-end developer to be equally brilliant at graphic design, or a copywriter to be amazing at CSS.

Make sure to follow my Facebook page for any Facebook Lives I do during the sessions at WordCamp. It’s going to be great this year!

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