Before & After: Non-Profit Website

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Non-profits hold special significance for Mozak Design. We honor the changes that non-profits make in the community and have been blessed to work with more than 20 non-profit organizations in the Pacific Northwest. A great website can provide the catalyst needed to get to the next level of connection and broaden the reach of the non-profit. There are four main ways a beautifully designed site can help bring your non-profit website from barely there to amazing:

Efficient use of technology. 

WordPress is a great option for non-profits because of the flexibility and cost of the platform. Its open source software and hundreds of plugins provide cost-effective ways to improve your non-profit’s online presence. When you are coordinating volunteers, it can be hard to find a single solution that will work across all devices. WordPress is not device specific and does not require a download or membership fee. When Rotarian Action Group for Peace came to us for help with their existing WordPress site, Jocelyn introduced RAGFP to specific WordPress plug-ins to improve their site. These plug-ins changed the way their website functioned and significantly impacted the way their membership organization worked. If a piece of data is entered, it is now represented on their payment, membership, and mapping system, all at once. As Erin, Executive Director for RAGFP explained, “The technology now all runs automatically, together, and they all update each other so we don’t have to do it manually.”

Improve non-profit brand. 

The message of a non-profit is integral to the mission it is striving to achieve. An outdated or slow-functioning website can turn away potential people your non-profit is trying to help. Good branding goes beyond knowing your colors and uploading the latest logo. Layout can have a big impact on the emotion and mood of your site visitors and you want to be sure it is in line with your message. The updated site for NW Bicycle Safety Council is a perfect example of improving the non-profit brand. Before, their site had a lot of text and did not have a very open and friendly vibe. We were able to add specific plug-ins and redesign their homepage to draw in visitors. 

Increase donation amount and frequency. 

Non-profit organizations are in the challenging spot of having to operate like a business while providing the most benefit to their cause. Each financial decision has the need to fulfill the business side and to further the longevity of the cause. When generous donors choose to support a non-profit, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to donate. Mozak Design did that when we started working with Bruce Kerr, Board President of Down Syndrome Network Oregon (DSNO). DSNO is a non-profit organization that was created in 2002 soon after Bruce and his wife had their third child, Eli, who was born with Down Syndrome. “The annual Buddy Walk is our main fundraiser,” Bruce explains. “It provides 80-90% of the funding for all of our programs and everything we do, so it’s very, very important to us.”  We were able to add Team Pages and streamline registration through the website, resulting in a successful event. 

Create a sense of community. 

Every visitor to your non-profit website should feel welcome. An inviting layout with clear navigation is a great first step to encourage people who visit your site to stick around. With the DSNO site, we simplified registration to make it easy for both the user and the back-end administration. Being able to run a successful event like The Buddy Walk with the support of a highly-functioning website is important to DSNO and their goal of using “community outreach events to create a vision of hope and awareness and to demonstrate that every life brings value to the world.”

Check out our non-profit website portfolio to see more examples of websites we have created for non-profits.

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