5 Ways to Tell if Your Business Website is Doing Its Job

Sharing your business website with the world can be scary. When my clients first come to me, they are nervous about putting their website out there for everyone to see. There’s a lot of pressure to make your website function and it is easy to feel vulnerable when you put together a business website on your own. An objective pair of eyes can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current site.


Each month I sit down at my computer and review the websites of 10 strangers. My hope is that they won’t be strangers long! I engage with the website as a new visitor would and poke and prod all the spots that, as a web developer, I know can be problem areas.

If you are one of my Facebook fans, you have probably noticed I love the personal communication of video. For each of the 10 website owners, I create a video with actionable tips and suggestions to improve their business website. Ten a month isn’t a lot and the spots are gone pretty quickly. While you are waiting for a website review, check these 5 ways to see if your website is doing its job:

5 Ways to Tell If Your Website Is Doing Its Job

  1. You get leads from your website. Part of this is simply having current contact information. Your office phone is ringing and you are getting calls from people who mention they saw your website and are interested in working with you. Bravo! Your website is working hard and helping you meet your business goals.
  2. Your company branding is clear. If you took your company’s name off of the website and erased the logo, your customers could still recognize your website over a competitor’s. Your content plays a big role in sharing the personality of your company and your employees. Make sure that any content is beneficial to your ideal customer and not just there for your ego.
  3. Mobile visitors feel welcome. They can easily navigate the company website pages from their phone or tablet. ComScore released a report earlier this year detailing the increase of mobile usage versus desktop usage; for the average adult, 3 out of 5 hours spent online is done so on a mobile device. More and more people are abandoning the desktop in favor of a tablet.
  4. New customers can get to know your work. You have examples of your products or projects on your website, along with testimonials from happy clients. A visual portfolio showing off your best work alongside a glowing quote from your client can help you make the sale.
  5. You include the URL on your business marketing materials. Sharing your website consistently throughout your marketing materials shows the potential customer that you are confident in your brand. You can display your website on everything from your business profile at the Chamber of Commerce to your table at the next conference.

How did your website do? Is your website doing its job? Service-based businesses need their websites to work harder than ever because of increased competition in the market and a decrease in the attention span of the user. Having a website isn’t enough to stay competitive and make your brand stand out; your business website has to meet the customer’s needs and exceed their ever-rising expectations.

Make sure your website is working for your business as hard as you do.


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