4 Questions Every Website Owner Should Answer Before Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool to use to find out if your website is meeting the needs of your potential customers. You can find out search terms they used to find your site, as well as which links are most popular. Using all of the features of Google Analytics can be overwhelming because there are so many ways to use the tools!

Whether you use Google Analytics with the help of a web developer or are poking around on your own, there are a few simple questions to answer before you start running reports.

Every website owner should be able to answer 4 questions before they begin using Google Analytics:

1. Is Google Analytics installed on your site?

Confirm that Google Analytics is installed on your site by checking the source code. We made a video to show you how to do that from any page on your website. After you pull up the source code using Ctrl U, do a word search for “google-analytics” and the page will highlight the relevant information. 

Services such as gachecker.com can confirm that no pages are missing the Tracking ID needed to keep Google Analytics running properly.

2. Can you access the analytics account?

Head over to google.com/analytics to see if you can sign in. It is not enough that Google is collecting data if you can’t access it. If your web developer installed it, you are more likely to have the information in an easy-to-find file. If someone on your team three years ago installed it, the contact information make not be up-to-date and you may be missing out on important insight into your business website.

3. Is the analytics account information correct?

Once you have signed in successfully, check that the time zone, industry, website name and URL are all correct. This will ensure that the data you collect is in line with peers in your industry and confirm the correct time that customers visit your page. If you have multiple sites, you will need to confirm that they are all housed in the same analytics account and that their URLS are correct.

4. Is Google Analytics active on your site?  

Within a few hours of it being active, you will be able to view visitor information on the dashboard. Check the reports for any activity. Traffic may be low at first but don’t be discouraged. Use Blogging Made Easy steps to start driving traffic to your website.

Are you ready to dive into Google Analytics a little deeper? Check out our article on How to Use Google Analytics.

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