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10 Web Design Trends to Watch in 2017

The beginning of the year is always the best time to talk trends, but now that we’re halfway through the year, how about asking this yourself: does my web design still fit in?

Minimalism and brilliant colors have dominated website designs since 2016. There is no denying that we will see a resurgence of styles; they aren’t all new, but which will really make your website stand out in 2017?

From big bold headlines to creative CSS3 animations, the Mozak Design team has come up with a list to get you inspired and get started on a fresh digital presence.

1. Deconstructed Minimalism

More is in. There’s a growing trend towards implementing aesthetically cluttered compositions versus minimalism, which is characterized by the usual negative web space and hero headers.

We’ve seen a real attitude shift toward off-center (designs that bleed towards the edge of the screen) and overlapping web design elements (overlapping image with text), asymmetry, layer combinations, as well as deconstructed typography and images.

Stark minimalism had its moment but it’s time to infuse more personality into your website design in 2017.

2. Subtle Microinteractions

Thanks to CSS3 animations, a slew of intuitive animation elements has steadily weaved its way into web designs this year. What are micro interactions? They are instant “little gratifications” that offer useful feedback and engagement. Take, for instance, this submit button. These microinstructions are appearing in calls to action (including web forms and buttons), navigation, and web backgrounds.

Microinteractions serve as an entertaining layer in web design and add creativity in the way feedback and guidance are provided to users.

Tip: Don’t overdo design. Just keep it simple.

3. Responsive Fluid Typography

2017 is looking to be a mobile-pushing year for web design. Mobile-related activities such as mobile web browsing continue to outpace desktop browsing, so design’s being 100% mobile-first is going to be common.

If you are reading this from your mobile device, then that’s not a surprise. According to a report during the last quarter of 2016, mobile web browsing had already overtaken desktop browsing, with the share of desktop web browsing traffic shrinking to a whopping 48.7%!

And because typography plays such a critical role in channeling the user journey, it’s now behaving to be truly responsive, in other words — flawlessly legible on any device. Cloud Typography and variable fonts are now part of modern web designs.

4. Websites that Breathe Life

We will see the rise of visually intriguing textures, 3D displays, video and animation, such as cinemagraphs on websites.

What are cinemagraphs? Wiki describes cinemagraphs as “still photographs in which a minor and repeated movement occurs, forming a video clip.” Cinemagraphs, which can either be GIF or other video formats, gives a whole new drama to the web experience.

Cinemagraphs will be huge and will be a major player in the digital advertising space.

5. Semi-Flat over Flat Designs

After a season of being wed to flat websites, we’re now seeing a notable shift to a more dimensional layout.

The new flat for web design is flat with subtle shadows and gradients — giving depth to the canvas and providing a more refined user experience.

6. Gradients and Two-Tone are In

Another one that’s making a big comeback? Gradients. Our guess is that Facebook started this. Almost overnight, it seemed to have caught on. Even animated gradient backgrounds (or color transitions) and image overlays with gradients have become sort of ‘refreshing’.

Two-Tone is also being used a lot nowadays.

7. Bold Colors

Is it just us, or is 2017 looking especially bright?

There are so many colors for 2017 — bright yellow, inspiring green, vivid red, happy orange, cerulean blue. Bold, intense, and exuberant, these colors are a jolt of energy in any web page.

Colors create an emotional connection and we think your color choice makes or breaks your brand.

Check out the Material Design Color Palette for color inspiration and color combination ideas.

8. Non-rectangular Headers

Rectangular headers are a design classic, we know, but non-rectangular headers are popping up more frequently on websites. Whether slants, rounded or image crops, non-rectangular headers will make a notable trend this year.

9. In-your-face Big Bold Typography

This means oversized headlines juxtaposed against spacious layouts. Apple has never gotten tired of bold headlines. Big bold typography grabs visitors’ attention, so we will really be seeing more of it.

Some designers are also combining fonts on a single site. As long as it’s cohesive, we recommend you go ahead and have a play with both retro and new typefaces on the same page.

Here are a few bold fonts that we like: Pier, Dual Typeface, Bushcraft, Natasha, Work Sans, Sensation, Typeface, Phenomena, Peace Sans.

10. Single Web Pages

Creative and functional use of web space remains important, yet single page websites are still trending. We’re seeing simple, intuitive navigations, multi-layered parallax, and vertical and horizontal scrolling in single page sites.

There are better user engagement and improved storytelling with single page websites, but it’s not really the choice for all. You have to carefully evaluate your needs. Single web pages are perfect for landing pages or one-off campaigns. However, if your site is content-driven, or you are selling multiple products and services, single web pages won’t be able to accommodate your needs.

Wrap Up

And that concludes our 2017 web design trends.

Is it time to update or redesign your site? Let’s schedule a phone consultation to talk about the design process and answer any questions you might have.

What other trends are you seeing? Let us know in the comments below!

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