You have a vision. You have a dream.

What you don’t have is the time or desire to fight with your website!

You need a WordPress website that works seamlessly.

One that supports you and your business. One that empowers you to grow and share your message with the world.

We’d love nothing more than to support you and your mission by making sure your website is there to support you and your team EVERY step of the way.

A professional website that reflects you

You need a new website. That much you know. But who to hire? So many Agencies and Designers create a website that they love … but it’s not about them now is it?

No … it’s about you and those you serve!

You need a WordPress website that captures your essence, your spirit, and your vision. After all, it needs to connect with your audience, your people.

Mozak Design stands head and shoulders above the other web designers. They took my vision and transform it into an amazing website that I couldn’t be happier with.  I recommend Jocelyn Mozak and her Team to everybody!Gayathri

An effective Website does ALL of this.
Does Yours?

While there might be a lot of web designer agencies out there,  Mozak Design shines with their professionalism,  authenticity, and knowledge of WordPress.Karen

wordpress website designer


If Mozak Design feels like a good fit for your business we’d love for you to schedule a 20-minute discovery call or complete a Project Request form so we can learn a bit more about your business and its needs.

By asking the right question, and listening to your answers, we will create a WordPress website that truly serves your business well into the future.

We look forward to speaking with you.

Jocelyn Mozak WordPress Designer
Owner & Founder