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Capturing your essence & propelling your business forward

A WordPress website that reflects you

You need a new website. That much you know. But who to hire? So many designers design what they love … but it’s not about them now is it?

No … it’s about you!

You need a website that captures your essence, your spirit and your vision. After all, it needs to connect with your audience.

The art of listening

Listening is critical. As a woman, mother, and business owner I bring the feminine skill of listening to the table.

By asking the right question, and listening to your answers, you gain a WordPress website that truly serves your business well into the future in both presentation and function.

Jocelyn is wonderful to work with. She has the technical skills and passion. She is incredibly good at understanding and bringing life to the vision that I had for my website. She understood my mission and tuned-in to my needs.Gayathri

Connection is key

If you’ve read this far I’m guessing Mozak Design feels like a good fit for your business.

A new website might feel like huge project. But it’s a lot less scary with someone you trust with 9 years of experience having your back.

Are you ready to take the next step?

The next step is to schedule a 15 minute discovery call with me so I can learn a bit more about your project and you can ask me any questions you might have. 

I look forward to speaking with you

Jocelyn is wonderful to work with: she does what she says she is going to do; she works hard to anticipate what we need; she takes care of problems quickly and cheerfully when they arise; and she makes it all seem easy when we know it isn’t.Karen & John
She is a delightful, smart, witty and pleasant person to work with and she knows her stuff.Virginie