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Susan Rich, Copy-Writer

Susan Rich, Copy-Writer

green-peacockSusan’s Story

I started working with Jocelyn when I hit website overload: Three different WordPress sites, all with a different back-end operation.

Like many solo-pros, I built my websites piece by piece. I had a very distinct vision about WHAT I wanted each one to do – but lacked the programming savvy (and patience) to make it happen. The result was predictable – website mayhem. 

Being a copy-writer (author, public speaker, marketing expert and internet radio show host) I wanted a site with clean lines, simple navigation and a streamlined back-end that allowed me to create pages and update content whenever the mood struck. I’ve been using WordPress for years and would never change.

Why Choose WordPress for Your Website?

WordPress is a platform that is free for individual or business use to create a website or blog. The software required to install wordpress is found at the download page of WordPress,org. Users can install themes to the software to enhance the visual appeal for of a blog or to integrate with an existing site. However, an individual or business will require a web hosting option.

The software for WordPress was developed on an open source platform. This means that the technology is easier for programmers to develop to their specific needs. Software programmers can easily develop themes and plugins that are then offered to users to add to their WordPress installation for free. When a user wants to install a plugin or theme they are not required to learn a programming language.

The best tip for a great WordPress Web Design

When it comes to designing a business website, there is really only one design tip I ask my clients to consider. And while it might not increase traffic by the thousands, it does make my clients – many are first-time business owners – feel proud. Here’s my best tip: Design your professional website for where you want your business to be in five years, not today. This allows you to create a platform that grows along with your business, not one that you outgrow. It’s a common-sense approach, but one I had to experience myself. Back when I started Mozak Design in 2008, I decided I wanted my site to reflect the design skills I’d have in 5 years – not where I was that day. So I hired a graphic designer to help me appeal to my target market – small business owners looking for a professional WordPress website. Since that time, I’ve been able to update my website so it keeps looking like my business vision five years from now. This is an important point: You don’t want to launch your website and leave it be. You want to keep revamping your professional website, moving it forward as you build your business. When your website looks like “business success” in five years, it will help you in pushing forward. Invest in a professionally designed business website, and you will have a virtual business card that you’ll be proud to promote. And with the WordPress platform, it will be easy for you to update the content, make special offers, and attract more visitors. Enjoy? Please...

Kaya Singer, Awakening Business Solutions

Meet Kaya, A modern business owner Kaya is the business owner of Awakening Business Solutions and her talent is in helping others overcome mental blocks, and to assist in developing and growing their business. Her strengths are her ability to create processes and tools that makes it easy for people to understand business and to make a permanent shift from the inside out. Kaya’s website, a common situation  Kaya had been using her website as a  communication tool. She was using an HTML based platform using Adobe Contribute publishing software. The website was functional, it did its job, but Kaya was frustrated that she had to purchase Adobe’s updates in order to keep her site functional. The updates increased in frequency and for each upgrade she had to shell out a pretty penny. She was also limited to using one computer for administrative access. This became problematic as her business grew and she needed to have access away from her home computer to perform updates. It had been a few years since she had originally designed her business’ website and Kaya felt it was time for a new look and energy that reflected her growing business. Knowing what you want Kaya realized she needed more than just a website face-lift. She needed a platform that was easier to use and less costly. A website that made it easier to navigate and one that would increase potential clients to contact her via her site. By this time she has been working with Jocelyn Mozak for several months, as her Business Coach. “I already had a relationship with Jocelyn, already hired...
7 Reasons to Choose a WordPress Website

7 Reasons to Choose a WordPress Website

As of Sept. 2009, 202 million websites worldwide used WordPress, making it the most popular blog software in use today.

If you’re ready to create your business website, “how” you build it – what software platform you choose – is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make.

WordPress is a great tool for small business owners. It is versatile, free, and easy to use.

Here are 7 reasons why I recommend it: